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Creating a Better World Through Food

The Rothman Family Institute for Food Studies is an interdisciplinary, dynamic global hub for the transformation of current perspectives on foodways, food representation, access and systems. We play a leading role in examining food’s relationship to social justice, art, public health, sustainability and the economy.

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Food is central to our collective human experience — and it has the power to sustain and connect us all. We believe it shouldn’t be difficult to cultivate a career in food, to know the origin of our local grocery store’s produce or to celebrate the historical nuances of our meals. That’s why we exist: to transform our understanding of food, our cultural relationships and our global future. Take a seat at our table and contribute to the critical collective future of food — and beyond.

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The Rothman Family Institute for Food Studies – the Rothman Food Institute, for short – was founded by Marcie Rothman, whose family has supported more than 60 UCLA departments for more than nine decades.

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We partner with UCLA campus departments and our surrounding community to forge connections between students and the food that sustains us all. We offer undergraduate, graduate and global engagement programs — and opportunities for funding!

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affiliated faculty

Monica L. Smith

Anthropology & Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Hannah Landecker

Sociology and the Institute for Society and Genetics

Micheal Prelip

Community Health Sciences

Alma Guerrero


Elaine Hsiao

Integrative Biology & Physiology

Liwei Chen


Deepak Rajagopal

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

William McCarthy

Health Policy & Management

Micheal Roberts


Akhil Gupta


Jennifer Jay

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lauren (Robin) Derby


Amy Rowat

Integrative Biology and Physiology

Diana Winters


Jay O'Shea

World Arts and Cultures/Dance

Janet Tomiyama